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Paint Colors

11/23/19 - New paint colors were approved.   The colors are posted at the pool.   
Benjamin Moore Colors
Montgomery White - BM HC33
Intense White - BM OC51
Winter Solstice - BM 1605
Brandy Cream - BM OC4
Shabby Chic - BM 1018
Aganthus Green - BM 472
Terra Bella - BM AF195
Super White (House Trim) - BM PM1
Rustic Brick (Brick Trim) -  BM 2091-20

Sherwin Williams Paint Colors
Downing Sand - SW 2822
Requisite Gray - SW 7023
Uncertain Gray - SW 6234
Classic Sand - SW 0056
Smoky Beige - SW 9087
Jogging Path - SW 7638

01/19/17 - I painted my home using Benjamin Moore AF-195 Terra Bella Exterior Low Lustre.    There are three types of paint.   
(Lowest) Ultra Spec, $32 per gallon, $145 for 5 gallons
(Middle) Regal $45 per gallon, $225 for 5 gallons
(Best) $56 per gallon, $280 for 5 gallons
(Sealer) $24.5 per gallon, $112 for 5 gallons

02/22/11 - New paint colors voted in.   The Benjamin Moore paint is 100% acrylic and mildew resistant.   Two different types of paint,  8-10 year, and a life time.   They recommend a satin finish for cleaning purposes.   Quatraine III residents receive 10% off.  The estimated paint required to paint a 1500 square foot home (2 story) is 10 gallons (two 5 gallon containers).   If primer is done, the same amount is needed.        The super white, and rustic brick colors for trim do not change. 
The brick trim can be painted Rustic Brick #2091-20 or Super White or the same color as the home. The yellow (Montgomery White HC-33) stays the same and does not have a darker color.   There are 4 new paint colors voted in, a slightly darker color for each (skipping yellow).  
Color        Paint Name                Paint Code      Darker Paint Name        Paint Code
Yellow     Montgomery White    HC 33                N/A                                N/A
Gray        Intense White            OC-51                Winter Solstice              1605
Beige      Brandy Cream            OC-4                 Shabby Chic                  1018
Green     Hint of Mint                 505                    Aganthus Green            472
Peach     Pirates Cove Beach    OC-80               Terrabella (Cortez)       AF-195

03/22/06 - The board decided there were too many colors in the community.   The decision was made to return to the original 4 colors and keep the Peach.   The original colors were no longer available from Sherwin Williams and the version of the colors they had were too dark.     Benjamin Moore paint colors were approved, and the paint store that sells them is Miller Paint Centers, Plantation, 954-475-2227.    If a homeowner identifies themselves as a Quatraine III resident, they will get contract pricing.   Home Depot can also mix the colors.    Please tell them you want Benjamin Moore paint, and give them the name and color code from below.    There are now 5 colors that are approved.  

Green - Hint of Mint 505, Beige - Brandy Cream OC - 4, Gray - Intense White OC - 51, Yellow - Montgomery White HC-33, Peach - Pirates Cove Beach OC-80.  All Trim is to be done in Super White.   All finish is low-Lustre.    

Please remember, that paint colors look different on a monitor, than they do in real life on a home.  Further more, the only real way to see if you like a color, is to get a sample of it, and paint a square section of your home where no one can see.  Looking at paint chips is not good enough.    Click each picture to make it big, then you can print it if you wish.  Click Back to return here.  The color samples below were taking directly from the Benjamin Moore web site.   A link to their color tool is provided below. 

Original                                                Darker

Green - Hint of Mint 505                            Aganthus Green 472


Beige - Brandy Cream OC - 4                               Shabby Chic 1018


Gray - Intense White OC - 51                               Winter Solstice 1605


Peach - Pirates Cove Beach OC - 80                    Terra Bella (Cortez) AF-195

Yellow - Montgomery White HC - 33                   N/A

Trim is Super White (no color code available)

For the Bricks, paint them with Rustic Brick 2091 - 20

The Benjamin Moore web site is here


Don't forget, that before you paint your home, it must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee.   Fill out an AMF (can be found on this web site and Ambassador web site) and include the color chip you have chosen.   Two homes next to each other can not have the same color.   The board will compare with the color chips for a match..     If it does, you will be approved to paint.  

To send an e-mail, click here robvia777@comcast.net