Hurricane Irma


 Plantation FL

Hurricane Irma came thru South Florida on Sunday 09/10/17.    Below are pictures of the event.    The storm passed over the north side of Cuba, then turned North making landfall in on Cudjoe key, then heading north to Naples.    

Before the storm.   Shutters on my home, even though I do have PGT windows.    A line waiting to get into Publix at 7amWednesday September 6th.   The line to check out went all the way down an isle.    In the last picture is a line of cars waiting for gas on Thursday September 7th.   Laurie and I were visiting a Mexican restaurant called La Bamba.      Work was closed on Friday September 8th.    Everyone was scrambling for supplies, the news on TV was all hurricane coverage. 

Saturday - September 9th - Early morning.   Laurie and I went for a bike ride.    The storm was to the south, had just turned to the north.     The winds started to pick up.    We rode through the Publix parking lot, there was one car.   Normally this lot would be full of cars.

Sunday September 10 - The storm arrived, the wind gradually picked up Sunday morning.    

More pictures as the storm passed.    The streets were a mess, the drains were clogged.   I went outside and cleared the leaves using a metal rake.  

The major bands of wind and rain moved through in the afternoon.    The power flickered but never went off.    We were one of the few homes that didn't lose power.   Approximately 627k people lost power in Broward.  

Pictures of the neighborhood after the storm passed.    Many tree branches down and leaves in the street and storm drains.    

More tree branches down, but notice in the 3rd picture the power is still on.  I lost my internet conneciton with Comcast.        Trying to use the phone to surf the web was difficult, web pages loaded very slowly and the weather app would no longer work.  

A palm tree that toppled over.    This was the only tree in the neighborhood that was knocked over.   My internet connection came back that night.     A final radar picture taken when the storm was north of Tampa.

Monday September 11th - No work, many people still had no power and there was a curfew until 10am.    I spent this day moving a tree branch that had fallen over my fence and cleaning up around the house.  

Tuesday September 12th - I went back to work.   The recovery from this storm was much faster than Irma.   Since we didn't lose power, I didn't have to drive 140 miles for gas.    Publix also opened on this day.

It's also interesting looking at the time line of when the storm hit and how people were scrambling for supplies. We almost ran out of food.
Wednesday September 6th - Long lines at Publix at 7am.
Thursday September 7th - Last day at work, we left at 3pm. Restaurants were still open.
Friday September 8th - Publix was closed at 6pm, no work.
Saturday September 9th - Everything closed, nice morning, bike ride, winds started to pick up.
Sunday September 10th - Winds picked up, storm hit in the afternoon, didn't lose power.
Monday September 11th - No work, cleaned up
Tuesday September 12th - Back to work.

A full week, with Publix closed Friday night through Tuesday. That's 5 days eating food from home. I was going to get pizza from the local place and put it in zip lock bags, but we had a fridge full of food already made. Next time I'm getting the pizza from the local joint.

End of Report.

Thanks for reading.