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Disclaimer:  This web site is run by a homeowner living in the Quatraine III community.   The views and statements made on this page do not reflect those of the current board of directors.   In other words, it's my site, and me talking, not anyone else.    

This is the archive page for the 2008 calendar year.

02/14/09 - We are nearing the election meeting.    You should have received your election packet with a proxy paper.    There is one director position open.    If you'd like to join the board then come to the meeting on February 25th.    The financials of the community are good at this time.    Even though there are approximately 13-15 homes in foreclosure or dead beats , the board has anticipated this and cut back on new projects.   The current board is in a "maintain" mode during this economic down turn.  Unlike the federal government, the board of Quatraine III can not print money, and spend, spend, spend,   We have to cut back on new projects.   But the budget still allows us to add to our reserve account during these tuff economic times.   We will "maintain" the community as is until the situation gets better.    Your support is appreciated.      

01/28/09 - A meeting was held at Volunteer Park.   Most of the meeting focused on the budget.    The board discussed how to trim spending since there are a few homeowners who are not paying.  This is due to foreclosures or homeowners who don't pay their mortgage and then rent their home out.    Yes, these people end up at the attorney.    It was decided to cut back fertilization to quarterly, it was bi-monthly and over budget due to white fly treatment.   The cost of irrigation repairs was also discussed, that category was also over budget.    The election packet will be mailed to all homeowners.  If you'd like to be on the board, come to the meeting on February 25th.    

01/07/09- A master association meeting was held at Parc Court Clubhouse.    The fountain between Q3 and Q4 was discussed, with the idea of turning it off in the middle of the day to save electricity costs.  The rest of the meeting was focused on white fly, specifically the hedges along the sidewalk of Parc Court that lead to the red bridge.   Those bushes have been attacked by white fly and will most likely die.   The cost of removing the hedge will cost approximately 2k. 

12/14/08 - I went on the violation walk Sunday.   Most of the violations were for dirty roofs, and fence repairs.   On the walk, I took note of the number of homes in foreclosure, or those that are empty.     Approximately 13 homes are empty, or are in foreclosure with the owner trying to rent it.     This is the new way for people to make money and get by.     They can't make the house payment, so they move into an apartment, rent their home, and let the rent income pay the bills.   The government has suspended foreclosures, so it works for a few months.   The problem is these homes become a mess and the owner doesn't pay their dues.  That's 13 homes times $170 a month not going to regular assessments.    Add to that more people not paying their monthly dues because they are dead beats, and this puts a huge strain on the monthly budget.        

11/19/08 - The budget meeting was held at Volunteer park.   The monthly assessment will remain the same.   The budget basically remains the same as last year.    There are approximately 11 homes in foreclosure.         Meetings will now take place on the 4th Wednesday of every other month.  

11/05/08 - A Master Association Meeting was held at Parc Court Club House.    The repair of The Colonnades Fountain took up most of the meeting.   Two bids were under consideration, Victor, and Bar Electric.  In the end, Bar Electric won out over Victor, even though the bid by Victor was 1k less.   A few days later, it was determined by Bar Electric that The Colonnades pump was not bad, rather the electrical wiring was bad, resulting in a lesser repair than previously stated by Victor (the entire pump).   This goes to show what happens with associations, that the lesser bid is not always the best.   The start time of the master association meetings was moved to 7pm.   The next meeting is January 7th, 7pm, Parc Court Club House.  

10/17/08 - Below are quotes from the previous meeting.   There's were transcribed from the recording.  Representing the board was

Howard J.  Perl (Seigfried, Rivera, Lener, De La Torre, and Sobel)


The board has 35 days to review AMFs at an open meeting. 

Howard stated, “The board has the authority to approve an AMF, or the board has the authority to appoint a committee to approve an AMF.      Notice must be given 14 days in advance of an architectural committee meeting.  If a committee is reviewing their own AMF, they must abstain from the vote.   If the vote is tied, the request is denied.    At that point the owners would have the right to appeal to the board.     If the committee has been appointed with the power to approve (not recommendation), the board cannot come back after a decision has been made and change it.   If the committee is recommendation, the board would have to meet once a month to review and make a final decision.  A committee can make reasonable rules in terms of when documents must be submitted.”

Howard suggested having a town hall meeting or open homeowner association meeting to get input from homeowners.

Homeowner asked, “Architectural restrictions are contained within the documents and that’s it.  That the board does not have the authority to set architectural restrictions.”    Howard responded with, “I think you’re referring to the change in the law that went into effect last year.”    Homeowner responded, “Yes.”    Howard responded with, “Obviously, if you ask 3 attorneys for their opinion you get 4 different opinions.”   Homeowner responded with, “Your opinion?”  Howard responded with, “The way the law was changed is that homeowner associations or board of directors can only enforce the restrictions contained or allowed in their governing documents. “    Homeowner responded with, “Because that’s a binding contract you’ve entered into.”   Howard responded, “Now, the question is, and your community is a good example, is that your community has a blanket authorization, you know, anything you want to do has to be approved by the board.”   Homeowner responded with, “Correct.”  Howard responded with, “It doesn’t give any specifics, so in our opinion, that gives the board (the power) to enforce the guidelines they see as effective in the community in a reasonable manner.”   Homeowner responded with, “But doesn’t that contradict what the law says that the documents are the driving force?”   Howard responded with, “No, but the documents are the driving force, and the documents grant the board the authority to approve or disapprove changes.”  

Howard went on to say, “ The reason that law came about quite frankly, is because there’s been a lot of communities that have in their documents you can have a red, green, and blue house.   Ok, times change and people say You Know What We Don’t Want A Blue House Anymore, so people would submit an architectural approval form for a blue house, and the board would say well we’ve changed the parameters, we’re no longer allowing blue houses.  That was one of the things because a blue house was specifically allowed in the documents and the board’s saying no, no, no, we’re changing that.  We’re not allowing blue houses.  That was one of the things that bothers communities.”   Howard continued with, “For example, if your documents say that any sheds below 5 feet high you’re allowed to build without board approval, the board can’t come back and say you can’t build that shed there because it’s in the documents that you can.  Unfortunately, like half of the legislation that’s written, it was left open to interpretation, ok, it wasn’t drafted very well, and you have what we have.   But it’s our position that because of the way your documents are written, it grants the board authority to approve or disapprove architectural modification, the board has that authority, as long as they exercise it within reason.”   Homeowner, “Well I’ll agree with you that you get different opinions from different attorneys, my attorney has a far different opinion.  “Howard responded with, “I know (laughter).”  

Shari asked, “There are certain rules, for example, the front doors with the windows in them, some people put in Architectural Approval Forms for them, and we say no because it’s too different from the other house, so let’s say 5 years later a new board comes in, someone who’s never been in there, who doesn’t know, puts in an Architectural Approval Form for a new front door that has a window in it, and the board says oh what a great idea we’ll approve it.   Now, will the person who asked for that 5 years earlier say Oh Man I spent all this money for a door without a window, can they sue the board?”  Howard responded with, “Anyone can sure anyone for anything (laughter).”  Shari responded with, “Obvioulsy, but do they have a legal setting?”  Howard responded with, “I can’t answer that.  Three judges will give you three different answers.”

Homeowner responded with, “The other side of that is also true Shari, if I’m looking to buy a house in Quatraine III, and I like this house I see and I say you know, I want to put a door in there with a window, now before I put my offer, let me check the document, AH, there’s nothing in here that says I can’t have a door with a window, I’m going to buy that house.  Now I put in my architectural request, you come back and say no, you can’t have doors with windows, I can sue you for that.”   Howard responded with, “The fallacy of that argument, is that the documents can’t state everything that you can’t do, cause then  there would be 9,347 things.”  Homeowner responded with, “Well that’s where you get into the grounds of my attorney versus your attorney as reasonable, quite honestly this board has not been reasonable, in the past, I think you would have to admit, that this board has not been reasonable by any stretch of the imagination.”    Shari responded with, “What the board has been trying to do is keep everything consistent.”  Homeowner responded with, “Why?  Why? “  Shari responded with, “Because we can get sued.”   Homeowner responded with, “You can get sued for a thousand different things as your attorney said, I’ll take exception to the word consistent Shari, what you’ve been trying to do is make everything a perfect little trapped house, if you want to sink property values, that’s the quickest way to do it.”

Howard went on to say, “You know the other things the board does have the authority to do, and it addresses the concerns of some of the homeowners, is that what is written and what’s not written that’s allowed, that you can come up with a set of standards, guidelines, and publish those,  Ok?  And then you live with them.   Whatever those guidelines are, that’s what they are.  Ok?  Because your documents are very open ended right now.”

Homeowner asked, “What I’m hearing here, is that architectural approvals are based upon opinions, so who’s opinions count?  There’s 6 of you as the current board, what I’m hearing is that your opinions are the one’s that count.  And Shari brought up a very good point, we have an annual meeting coming up at the first of the year, we have a totally different board, now the opinions completely change, how do you sort that out?”   Howard responded with, “If the board changes, the board changes.   Because these were the people that were elected by the homeowners or by default in order to serve as board members.   The documents grant them that authority.” 


10/15/08 - A meeting was held at Volunteer park.   A heated discussion about property modifications took place.   A couple homeowners shared their opinion saying no AMF forms were being approved.    A board member and the property manager said this was not the case, that AMFs were being approved.   A discussion then took place about the board's role in approving AMFs.   The attorney said the board has reasonable power to approve or dis-approve AMFs.     The board then approved an AMF committee that will meet on the first Sunday of the month at 9am at the pool, giving 14 days notice.   This committee will be made up of 3 or more people.   The idea of sending out surveys to get an opinion from the entire community was also discussed.   It was a good thing the attorney was present, because there were some disagreements with the homeowners and the attorney as it pertains to how the board works.    Basically, anything is open to interpretation.   I've recorded the meeting and I'll have to go back and type up some quotes for future reference.    A board position is still open.   

10/06/08 - The fountain is finally working.  The reason why is there is a broken fountain in the Colonnades, and the board expressed reservations about letting the same vendor repair it.   So he finally got his butt in gear and fixed our fountain.  What I've found with being on the board, is that the regular contracts (monthly) usually have no problems.    Why?   Because if a vendor is not doing a good job, they can be replaced.  But when it comes to big one time jobs, they usually end up being complicated and expensive.  That would be things like tree trimming, pressure cleaning sidewalks, fountain repair, lights, and other one time jobs.    Yes, the property manager is supposed to watch the vendors on these jobs, but they often take days to complete.  So the property manager is back at the office fielding phone calls.   I think the answer is to get an e-mail and phone number of the vendor when doing a big job, and give this information to all board members.   That way everyone can call and complain as the job is being done.  

09/11/08 - The fountain pump and extra part were installed.  The problem now is the electrical cable.   It's stuck on the bottom of the lake.   A diver went into to free it up, but was un-successful.   Therefore, a new cable had to be ordered, which should be in soon.   The road repairs are basically done.    A few people thought they would spray their own areas they wanted repaired with paint.   Thing is it was a different color.     

A master association meeting was held on 09/04/08.   The 2009 master budget was approved.    Quatraine IV was approved for a grant from Broward Beautiful for $7,500.   The landscaping project to replant the front of Quatraine IV was approved.  The money from the grant will be combined with money from the master to replant the front where Quatraine IV ripped out the bushes.   Not only do they get new bushes, but new trees as well.     Work is scheduled to start in November depending on hurricane and drought conditions.  The plan is to start at the west lake and go to the corner along Cleary Blvd. 

The big news in communities at this time is Fig Whitefly.  It destroys ficus bushes.   Only problem is the cost to treat is extremely high.   They charge by the linerar foot, between $1-$3.    The master has approximately 9k linear feet and the cost to treat is 9k, and they want to do it every 6 months.     I sent an e-mail to Jeffrey Siegel at the City of Plantation.  He wasn't much help.   Basically said the city had to cut back on tree plantings to treat White Fly in their areas, and can't be of any help to communities (private property) except to send out PDF files most boards already have.   He's basically saying if the bushes die, the boards are responsible to replant them under code.   The cost to treat Fig Whitefly in Quatraine III is less, approximately $1,500 because there is 1239 linear feet.  

8/22/08 - A homeowner asked when the meeting would be rescheduled.  It probably won't be, and the next meeting would happen the 3rd Wednesday in October.   This is not official.    Why is that?   A few reasons.     There are no pressing decisions the board has to make at this time.  Board meetings are called to make decisions (motions).      The missed meeting was mainly to get status updates and discuss the rules and regulations along with homeowner concerns.      The real reason the meeting will probably not be rescheduled is because the room at Volunteer park  has to be reserved in advance.   Quatraine III is on a schedule of every other month.  We can't just show up and ask for the room, it doesn't work that way.       I am going to ask for updates on all the agenda items along with the financials.  That would include the light at 99th ave, the road patch work, and irrigation repairs.  

Did the board have a secret meeting and not give proper notice to the community?   No.    The board is well aware of Quorum rules.     That's why there are only 3 people on the monthly violation walk thru.   Are we ignoring our duties and not talking about issues for 9 weeks?   No.    Some issues are discussed in e-mail, such as sprinklers coming on at the wrong time, bulk pick up items that were left in a cul-de-sac, and so on.   There are many issues that are brought to the attention of Jane and Chris between meetings.      The president is in contact with the property manager all the time.    That's how it usually works in boards.   The president is in the hot seat, and works hand in hand with the property manager.   I have also made visits to the property manager's office to get financial updates, along with delivering news letters that need to be mailed to homeowners who do not live here (renters).     I also make visits to the office of J&L to pick up and drop of checks for the master.    So there is a lot of activity between meetings, even though homeowners may not notice it.      

The number of meetings the board is required to have each year is one, which is the membership meeting.   This happens each year in February and the meeting already happened for this year.  So in reality, there are no laws that say the board must meet a certain number of times each year, except for the membership meeting.   

So what happened last week?     A tropical storm came through, things got hectic, there was a scheduling conflict with the property manager, and the meeting was cancelled.  There was no reason for the board to meet if the property manager was not present to give updates.      So that fact that the board cancelled a meeting due to a tropical storm and a scheduling conflict is not illegal, the board did not secretly meet, and the board is not neglecting their duties.     

If there is a pressing issue that needs to be discussed, either post a message on the web site, or contact the property manager.   Homeowners are not left out when it comes to the community.   Any homeowner can contact the property manager and ask for updates, state a concern, or post a message on the web site.      If a homeowner is still frustrated, the best idea is to join the board.   You would be amazed at how complicated it really is and why people give up and quit after 3 years.  A board is a government and business at the same time, and the people running it are not paid.  It's the ultimate form of volunteer work.      I think board members should be paid, but that's a whole different topic.  

08/18/08 - The August 20th meeting is cancelled.    It will be re-scheduled.   

08/16/08 - It's hard to predict where Fay will go by the 20th.   The meeting is still planned.  The signs will be posted, along with the agenda at the pool.   If the storm hits on Tuesday and the city closes Volunteer park on Wednesday, the meeting would be cancelled.  

07/22/08 - Road repairs are underway through out the neighborhood by Suncoast.   I spoke to the person from Allstate Resource Mgmt, they treat the lakes.   I asked why there was so much plant life around the edges of the lake.   The answer is those plants are beneficial, so they are meant to be there, even if it looks like a mess.   

07/10/08 - A master association meeting was held at the Parc Court clubhouse.    Regarding the fountain in the lake, a part (capacitor) for the pump is still on order.    There was much discussion about the canopy in Quatraine IV with the homeowner attending the meeting.   The homeowner stated he went to the city to get a permit, but they said one wasn't needed since the structure doesn't touch the house.    Every board member agreed the canopy is too large.   The property manager stated the size of the canopy is proportional to the size of the home, saying that some homes have screen enclosures that use up most of the back yard.    That's true, however, you can see through a screen enclosure, you can not see through a canopy for the most part.     The neighbor to the north side of the canopy was also in attendance and said it's too big and blocks his view of the south lake, and that he's going to eventually move.   There wasn't enough votes to tell the homeowner to remove it, an official motion was not made.     The board agreed that the color should be changed to a solid tan.  The homeowner was ok with that request and said he will work on getting a new cover.     I spoke up saying the residents of Quatraine III think it's an eye sore and looks like a circus tent.   Didn't matter, it wasn't going to change anything.      So now I hope some of you realize how the politics of a board work, why people quit serving on them, and why homeowners move away after their neighbors put up an eye sore.    

A homeowner recently wrote on the Yahoo message forum asking why homeowners can't make certain changes to their homes and why is the board so restrictive in Quatraine III.   The above story is the reason why.   Run a board like Quatraine IV, and we'd have fences down to the lake line, canopies that use up an entire back yard and block the view for neighbors, and who knows what else.    Our community would look like a dump.   In fact, we (the master) even joke about it saying all the problems come from Quatraine IV, and that's true.    At all these meetings, all the bickering is over things Quatraine IV does to break the rules and regulations.   First it was the landscaping issue which is still not solved, fences going down to the water line on the east side lakes, fences going to the property line on the west side, and now the canopy issue.     The entire reason the canopy in Quatraine IV exists is because the homeowner ignored the board and installed it without asking for permission, he just went and did it.    Now imagine a perspective buyer on the north side of that canopy who wants to buy a home.  They'll come out the back door, and instead of seeing a nice view of the lake and the fountain, they get to see a canopy blocking it.    Is that fair?  No.      It's rather selfish if you ask me.   

A homeowner suggested the board make a list of rules and regulations and discuss them at the next meeting.   This has already been done by the current secretary.   I suggested we publish the list in a newsletter, but the idea was shot down by the previous president at the time stating legal reasons.    I compiled the list and it is on this web site at the bottom of the restrictions section.    Scroll down to the bottom of the restrictions page and the compiled rules and regulations found in previous minutes are listed.    Obviously the current board will discuss the messages posted on the Yahoo forum in regards to the rules and regulations.   


07/08/08 - Newsletters were distributed.    Homeowner concerns where stated, including the pooper scooper signs, and feeding animals.    The main focus of the July newsletter was preparing for a hurricane.   I have notified the property manager about the entrance lights that are coming on/off at different times.   An electrician has been notified about the problem.  It appears to be photo cells located near the lights that are not working correctly.  

06/18/08 - A meeting was held at Volunteer Park.  The irrigation system was discussed.  Chris is working on a list of problems including dead plants that need to be replaced.  Suncoast will be onsite next week (weather permitting) to start the road way patching.  A report on the master association was given.   The directional sign directly across from Central Park has been repaired.  The sign on the west side of Cleary Blvd and Central Park Place need to be replaced.  The pump for the fountain in the lake is still on order.   The awning in QIV was discussed.   A home owner stated that if something isn't specifically prohibited in the documents, it can not be denied.  This means the awning in QIV that can be seen from the road will most likely stay.  The new nickname for QIV is now "The Swap Shop."     There is a vacancy for the board, a director position.    A board member made a suggestion for the news letter of not feeding any animals and not throwing rocks at ducks.  Another board member suggested adding the topics of homeowners pressure cleaning their roofs, repairing fences, and picking up after their dogs.     A discussion about damaged signs took place.     There was a discussion about tree trimming.   Potters is still contracted to trim the palms in the fall.   Two recommendations were made to use either C.D. Hogan or Fred Stevens in the future.   A homeowner asked about an ant-infested tree in a back yard that could cause problems during a storm.     

06/05/08 - The 10 day cycle for grass cutting starts on 06/06/08.   That's why the grass was so long.  

05/19/08 - The remaining "Do Your Duty" signs have been installed.    The messages posted on the Yahoo forum regarding tree trimming were forwarded to Potters.    As to removing dead plants along the fence of 99th ave, those plants are actually supposed to grow up the fence and screen it.     Really unfortunate they have turned brown and died because of the drought.   The same thing happened last year.   If they are removed now there will be dirt along the fence and it may look even worse.     It's really tuff to replant when we're in a drought.    This marks 2 years in a row the board has re-planted the community only to have a drought.   

A homeowner wrote to me expressing concern about someone leaving a Publix shopping cart in front of their home.   A board member spoke to this person twice about the shopping cart.    Some people just don't get it, even after being asked nicely not to do something.    The board does pay attention to the messages posted on the Yahoo forum, and I forward e-mails to the board.     It's just that some problems don't have an instant answer.   For example, we now have a "Do Your Duty" sign at every mail box.    Will everyone comply?     

05/10/08 - A couple homeowners expressed their concern with hiring Potters when they were previously let go.   This will be my opinion and not the official opinion of the board.     The landscaping and yearly tree trimming are two separate jobs.   The board didn't have a problem with the job Potters did on tree trimming last time.    Yes, Potters was let go on the regular landscaping because they butchered the center islands.   But the board didn't cut ties with Potters in a bad way.  Rather, the new landscaper (Native Sun) took over on the next cut.     A contract was already in place to do the yearly tree trimming, so a new bid was not needed.  If the board doesn't have a problem with the previous year, the contract is renewed and no action is required.     No, Potters was not selected by the property manager.  In fact, Brock has another contractor they use for  tree trimming.  Had Potters not shown up to do the work this time, the other contractor would have been used.  I personally spoke to John at Potters and told him about trimming the trees along Cleary Blvd, and tree branches that block street lights along the sidewalks.    Those are my main concerns about trimming the trees this time around.   I also contacted the property manager and told her to discuss my concerns with John, this was done.     

Two years ago when Potters was hired, I stood in the street with the former president, and Nina (owner) from Potters and discussed how they trim trees.   Nina went over how they follow Ansi standards and take branches out so the wind will flow through them.  So Potters does know about the standards to follow.    I'm concerned about tree trimming just like everyone else, which is why I called John.     The messages posted on the Yahoo forum will be discussed.   Potters is supposed to come out later in the year to trim the Palms.   If the homeowners object to them doing the work, then the board will find another contractor.     A letter went out a month ago stating that Potters would be onsite, and gave a number to call if homeowners wanted trees trimmed in their back yards.       It was mentioned at the meeting on 04/16/08 and I mentioned it below.  So everyone knew Potters was coming out to do the work and no one said anything.  

05/07/08 - Potters is on site trimming the trees.   A master association meeting was held at Parc Court.  An architectural approval was made to allow Quatraine IV to have barrel tile roofs.   The directional signs along Cleary Blvd need repair, this was mentioned to the property manager.   The pump for the fountain in the lake is still on order.   

If you have a generator, now would be a good time to start it and make sure it still works.  My generator stopped working and needed the carburetor cleaned out.    I took it in for repair and now the generator is working again.   It's a good idea to drain all fluids out of the generator if not using it for a while, or add Stabil to the gas.    

04/20/08 - I scanned a map of the community.  It's the same image found in the homeowner documents, just that I enlarged it to make the numbers clear.    This will make it easy for people to report problems.   Click the image to make it big, then right click the image and "Save As" to your hard drive.    Then you will have it on your computer.  Otherwise, click the back button on your browser to return here. 

04/16/08 - A meeting was held at Volunteer Park.   Tree trimming is  scheduled for the end of April / beginning of May.   Homeowners who want trees trimmed in their back yard need to contact Potters to arrange the service.  Trees in the back yards are the responsibility of the homeowner.       The board reviewed the road patch proposals and decided to make repairs, which include the handicapped spot near the pool, and the re-striping.   The board did not commit to a seal coating contract at this time, because doing that would use up most of the reserves.    What's going to happen, is all the marked spots on the road ways are going to be patched, a handicapped spot near the pool will be created, and the roads will be re-stripped.    A homeowner came to the meeting to discuss the rat problem.      It seems that Areca (Bananna) trees are where the rats nest, and need to be trimmed back, especially near the bottom.     Another homeowner spoke up saying their neighbor's house needs to have the roof cleaned, and their back yard is a mess.   The board told the homeowner that violation letters are being sent.    

04/10/08 - There has been discussion on the Yahoo forum about rats in the neighborhood.   The board saw the messages and is aware of the problem.    In the past, the board told everyone not to feed ducks, now it appears we'll have to tell everyone to stop feeding the squirrels peanuts.   It appears that rats like peanuts, as someone in the forum commented that rat traps are filled with peanut butter.   

04/06/08 - I took pictures of the community and made a Pictures2008 tab at the top.   The community looks much better since new landscape and mulch was added.      Three members of the board went on the violation walk through.    A homeowner drove up and said cars are parked around their cul-de-sac and they can't get through.   We told the homeowner to call the police and have the car ticketed.    The board mentioned this problem in the news letter and it doesn't seem to help.   The only way to solve the problem is to let the police write tickets.    When cars park around the cul-de-sac, the garbage truck, or a fire truck can't get through.   The board found a few fences that need latch repair, or the inside of the fence needs to be painted.    Homeowners are complying with the violation letters and fixing their problems, which is appreciated.   The next focus of the violation committee is black roofs, which was also mentioned in the news letter.  .   Homes with a black roof or broken roof tiles will get a violation notice.      Hopefully, if people realize they need to pressure clean their roof, they'll fix other problems like their fence, or paint their home.    The violation committee discussed tree trimming, and the road repairs.    Tree trimming is scheduled to happen at the end of April by Potters.       The board wants to patch the roads, re-stripe, and re-seal, but the re-seal part costs approximately 50k.   Half the people think re-sealing will help, half think it's a waste.   The board is going to discuss this at the next meeting on April 16th.    If the roads are patched, they have to cure for 6 months, then the re-seal part would happen.        

03/28/08 - The west side of the community has been mulched.  There are a few empty spots in common areas that will be finished next week.   Mulching the front of homes is still the responsibility of the homeowner.     The landscapers have started replacing dead plants near the front entrance around the Robellini's.  The news letters were distributed, they contain important information.       I met with the property manager at her office and reviewed the financials including the check register since the beginning of the year.     Copies were distributed to the rest of the board for review.     The budget is being followed in regards to transferring money to the reserve account for long term projects (2k a month).    Three "Do Your Duty" signs were supposed to be installed at the other mail boxes.  The signs are on back order and are expected to be delivered with in a month.  

Don't forget, this Sunday is Hazardous Waste drop off day for Plantation at the Public Works Complex.    

03/22/08 - The east side of the community has been mulched.   Why the brown color when red is what most are used to seeing?   Red mulch contains dye that washes off and seeps into the ground.   The new environmental friendly way is to use brown mulch that contains no dye.      Speaking of the environment, The City of Plantation is having an eco-friendly day at Liberty Tree Park, Saturday April 26th, 10am - 2pm, 7421 NW. 5th Street.   A bunch of eco-friendly vendors (turf, water) will be there.    There's also a tree pruning meeting (The How's and Why's of Tree Pruning) to be held by Keith Shriver in the main city hall chambers on March 27th, 7pm.     Don't forget, on Sunday March 30th, you can take hazardous waste to a drop off location at the Public Works Complex.    This is located across from The Waves, the road leading to free mulch and yard clipping drop off.      The newsletter has been printed and will be distributed soon.   The main focus of this news letter is pressure cleaning roofs, and how the violation committee works.  

03/18/08 - The pump for the fountain between Quatraine III and Quatraine IV was approved for repair by the master association.   The parts have been ordered.   

03/13/08 - My roof was cleaned on this day by Americoast (954-480-2686).  If you'd like to see a clean roof, walk to the NW culdesac and look around.    If fact, walk anywhere in the neighborhood and you'll see clean roofs, and ones that are black.   In a perfect world, everyone would have their roof cleaned on a regular basis, but they don't.    So the board makes a walk thru once a month and violation notices are sent out.   Clean roofs will be a main focus of the violation committee going forward this year.      Just to let everyone know, the board hired a new attorney to handle collections and violations.   If you get a notice don't take it personally.   The board is not singling anyone out.    The purpose of the violation notices is to keep the community uniform as the by-laws state. 

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