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Disclaimer:  This web site is run by a homeowner living in the Quatraine III community.   The views and statements made on this page do not reflect those of the current board of directors.   In other words, it's my site, and me talking, not anyone else.    

This is the archive page for the 2010 calendar year.

02/02/11 - A Master Association was held at the Parc Court Pool house.   Sidewalk repairs were discussed with each property on their own to make repairs.   Planting of 11 new trees at the corner of Central Park Place East and in front of Parc Court were discussed.   The trees were on order.   New sprinkler bulbers will be needed when the trees are planted.  

01/28/11 - The president, Becky, and myself went on a walk through of the property with Gasper from McKenna tree trimming company.    All trees were looked at to make sure they had been trimmed properly.    A few missed spots were noted and Gasper would come back and trim them.  Also, orange paint was put down on spots where the sidewalk causes a bump.   A major sidewalk job had been done last year, but tree roots are pushing up other spots.      Approximately 4 places were marked with orange paint to warn people and stop them from tripping.      The board will have general contractor Tom Burke look at them to see what can be done.      I also checked the master sprinkler system and found 1 gusher, I e-mailed Terry from Top Shelf.    The fountain between QIII and QIV is broken because the timer has stopped working.   The electrician for the master has been notified.   

01/26/11 - A meeting was held at Volunteer park.   No homeowners showed up, which usually means the board is doing a good job.    However, the meeting still lasted 1 hour with many topics discussed.     Attorney, collections, violations, master association, sprinkler repairs, pool chair repairs, sidewalk repairs, moving the mailbox garbage cans, curb pressure cleaning, house paint colors, and the current tree trimming job were all discussed.   

01/21/11 - Tree Trimming is under way.  Robert spoke with Gasper from McKenna Tree Trimming about the job.    Gasper assured Robert that all trees are being looked at for proper trimming.     When Gasper speaks, it's in "tree language" and very complicated.   Robert also met with Terry from Top Shelf Irrigation about the current wet test.   Things are looking good, one valve needs to be replaced to increase pressure.    

12//24/10 - Mulch was installed in the entrance island at a cost of $25 by a board member.   Year end newsletters were posted at the mailboxes and at the pool.     

11/17/10 - A meeting was held at Volunteer Park.   The budget was passed, the fee stays at $125.    The amendment to screen renters did not pass.   65 voted yes, 7 no, for a total of 72.   114 yes votes were needed.     6 homeowners attended the meeting, the board listened to them regarding the amendment.   What the board found, was that homeowners did not want the board to make the final decision on whether someone could rent or not.   Most homeowners who rent screen on their own.    Some people can have bad credit due to the economy, yet they are good people.  A credit check by the board could disqualify them.      One homeowner pays a realtor one months rent to screen.  One homeowner said they screened, the renter's background was great, but they still destroyed the home.    Another issue with the amendment was the 30 day waiting period for approval.    A homeowner spoke up saying they can't keep the renter waiting that long.   The board agreed the approval time should be 7-10 days.   

11/14/10 - The board walked the property two weekends in a row collecting proxies.   We've found there are approximately 39 renters, and 5 empty homes.  

10/27/10 - A meeting was held at Volunteer Park.   A tree trimming bid from McKenna Property Mgmt was approved for $20,803.    A bid to pressure clean the sidewalks, curbs, and the roof at the pool by Busy Bee Pressure Cleaning service was approved at $1,300.   Cars can not park in guest spots or along the cul-de-sac circles when the pressure cleaning is being done.  Notices will be placed on doors to warn people.    If the cars remain when the pressure cleaning job starts, they will be towed away.      The proposed budget was changed to reflect anticipated spending, which kept the over all budget the same as last year.    The first budget submitted by the property manager had the fee going up to $129.   The president and VP was not happy with this and found ways to reduce the budget.      What does this mean?   The budget remains at $255,000 and the monthly fee will stay at $125.   This figure will be voted in at the budget meeting November 17th.   The monthly assessment fee has remained at $125 since 2006.   The amendment for screening of renters is ready.    The board will send out proxies to the homeowners, then go door to door collecting signatures.       No homeowners showed up at this meeting, it was only the board members and the property manager.   The meeting duration was 1 hour and 20 minutes with many issues discussed besides those mentioned above. 

10/22/10 - Shrubs were planted around the sprinkler boxes between QIII and QIV.   This was a job done by the master.   

10/0610 - A master association meeting was held at Parc Court.   A motion was made to remove and replace 11 Beauty Leafy trees, 4 located across from the entrance of Parc Court along the Jacaranda Point side.   7 located at the corner of Central Park Place East and Cleary Blvd (Next to the lighted directional sign).    The cost of this job was approved at $6,000.   

09/22/10 - Emergency Meeting was held at the Secretary's home.    Motion that upon a unit owner’s delinquency in any monetary obligation due to the Association, that in the event the delinquent unit owner leases their unit, the Association may make demand upon that delinquent unit owner’s tenant to pay their rent to the Association as permitted by Florida Law.  It is the intent of this motion this policy of collecting rent from tenants be continuing in nature against all current and future delinquent unit owners.  Motion passed unanimously.    Motion to send letters to homeowners for vote to screen renters for credit and background check.   Discussion: the motion to renter screening requires changing the Association documents.  Proxies will be made up and board members will go door-to-door if necessary to get the proxies signed.    Motion passed unanimously.  

09/09/10 - On this day, the new signs were installed at the entrances of the community.   This gives Plantation Police the power to arrest anyone who is trespassing.   People are entering the community through the bushes at the SouthEast corner of the community, near the sprinkler pumps, walking along the lake, entering the pool area, and hanging out.   If you see people trespassing, you may call Plantation Police.  

9/01/10 - On this day, the trees out front were trimmed by the master association (2nd to None).   This will reduce the mess caused by the black olive trees.   I sent an e-mail to Keith Shriver asking about trimming the trees in the Comcast lines, he didn't return my e-mail.   The problem here, is that arborists won't trim the trees under power lines, they cite safety reasons,   On the other hand, Asplundh trimmed the trees away from the upper power lines, but that's all they will do.   So we have a catch 22 when it comes to trimming the trees along the power lines.    The cable lines you see along the bottom in the trees, are Comcast lines, and they are not powered.   The FPL lines are up high on top.    I have spoken to another arborist about this situation.   They are not happy about the "V" shape of the trees under the power lines.   The center section of trees is hacked out, leaving only the sides to grow.    Then the arborists are told not to trim under the lines because of the safety reasons. 

08/25/10 - A meeting was held at Volunteer Park with attorney Peter Meitzer present.   Regarding collections, Peter stated that 45 days after a demand letter, a lien is filed if the homeowner does not respond by that time.    The board approved more sod for 9th ct and the north part of 98th ave.   The board approved a sidewalk repair in front of the community where a piece is sticking up.   The board agreed that the gray curbs in front of the pool look better than the dirty white curbs.   The board will move forward with having the curbs pressure cleaned and painted gray.   Curb stops will be painted white.    The board discussed amending the documents  to screen renters.   It will take 2/3rds of the 170 homes (113) to make this happen.   Two homeowners asked about the ruling regarding street repair due to tree damage.  The board explained the ruling saying homeowners are responsible for the repairs.    .   

08/13/10 - Newsletters were distributed.    The fountain between QIV and Parc Court was repaired (fuses) and centered in the lake.

07/22/10 - The fountain between QIV and Parc Court started working on this day.    More sod was installed along 98th ave.    

06/23/10 - A meeting was held at Volunteer Park.    There is a new law which states that renters must pay the association the rental amount if the owner is defaulting on home payments.   The renter can not be evicted for doing this.    Sprinkler repairs are on going.    The cat problem was discussed, there is no way to remove cats at a reasonable cost.   Services want $25-$30 to remove each cat, and the community has many strays coming from the Publix shopping center.   The only thing the board can do is tell homeowners not to feed stray cats.      Pool trespassing signs were discussed.    If signs are displayed, the police can be called.   Trespassers are entering the pool by walking through bushes near the sprinkler boxes on Cleary Blvd, traveling along the back yards, and jumping the back pool fence.    More sod was approved to be planted along 9th CT.   

06/18/10 - The curbs in front of the pool area were painted gray as a test to see if this is better than white.  

06/09/10 - 3 pallets of sod were installed on 98th and 99th ave to fill in space around the trees and bare area along the fence.    If the grass holds, the board will consider doing more areas that need to be filled in, such as 9th Ct

5/30/10 - The entrance lights at the front entrance were replaced, it seems they only last 6 months before they burn out. 

04/28/10 - A meeting was held at Volunteer Park.    Driveway repairs were discussed for those homeowners who have roots coming up.   The board will walk the property marking spots that need repair.   This does not include the edge of driveways which are damaged from normal wear and tear from cars driving on them.      Landscaping for the entrance island and the entrance walls was discussed.    New plants and shrubs will be chosen (to replace the dead areas) once the board can see how much the driveway repairs will cost.      Ferral (wild) cats continue to be a major problem.      The board discussed companies that capture the cats, and neuter them.    Ferral cats make a mess with droppings, and they break into garbage bags looking for food.  

04/07/10 - A master association meeting was held at Parc Court.   The officers were elected.      The signs along Cleary Blvd and Central Park Place East were replaced with new signs.  A motion passed to approve a new fountain between QIV and Parc Court for a cost of $2,750 (electrical) plus $10,981 for the fountain to be installed by the Cascade Group. 

03/24/10 - The sidewalks were repaired.   The total cost of this job was $4512 and included fixing the bathroom door closers at the pool. 

3/22/10 - Top Shelf repaired the sprinklers in the center entrance island.   Lack of water is one reason why the plants died.     New plants will be installed and this time there will be enough water.   There are 5 sprinklers covering that area providing plenty of water.  

02/28/10 - BUSTED ! ! !    Click the pictures to make them big, then back to return here.    Thieves put a car on blocks and took the tires.   Fortunately, the neighbor was watching, called the police, and stayed on the phone.   The police were waiting when the thieves drove away with the tires in a blue minivan.   One person ran back to the same house, where police arrived with K-9 units.    3 people were arrested.   The tires were recovered.   The owner called AAA and had the tires put back on the car in the morning.   Please remember to lock car doors and report suspicious activity.   The board would like to thank the neighbor for calling the police.  

02/24/10 - The Annual Meeting was held at Volunteer Park.    A total of 13 members were present, 7 homeowners, 6 board members.   A quorum was not met for the membership meeting and the current board rolled over.   The organizational meeting happened next.    Native Sun is still scheduled to install 3 pallets of sod.  Irrigation repairs are on going.   Bathroom door closers at the pool will be repaired.    A bid to repair the un-even sidewalks will be obtained.  The entrance island will eventually be replanted once the rainy season starts and the sprinklers in that island are working.    Violations were discussed involving roof repairs and pressure cleaning.   Homes with tree root damage were noted.   Becky has worked with a road maintenance company and she will get a bid to repair the damaged sections that are coming up    The issue of stray cats was brought up.    The problem is being caused by a woman who is feeding the cats, even when told not too.   There's isn't much the board or Becky can do about the problem but put the topic in a news letter and ask people not to feed the cats.  

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